Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) plate before Friday fell by more than 7%.The Wall Street j ournal reported earlier, tesla will cut 7% of full-time staff, to reduce operating costs.   , tesla CEO Elon Musk, (Elon Musk) to employees, said the job cuts in order to reduce the Mode l 3 cost and promote efficiency.Model 3 is tesla collection models for the general public.   According to the Wall Street journal reported that musk said in a memo to staff “in the next few months, tesla will need to increase production of Model3 cutting at the same time, and make a number of improvements are manufacturing process.”   ”ImproveRead More →

  CBA 30 round this evening, in the three games, three games at the end of the inverse war won at home 96-94 in liaoning bayi ha d 19 in a row, continue to refresh the team history records;Road construction BeiKong, the only 125-77;Qingdao road 128-123 win over tianjin.   Liaoning narrowly bayi, continue to refresh the team history longest winning streak record in the regular season   Game, the game pg, plexus tomorrow positive three po ints to help the team lead, but Raymond immediately respond points of three points, bayi hit after a wave of 8 to 0, the score away some, hey ma beautiful twoRead More →

  ristiano ronaldo stadium again encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, netizen: just to rub heat!In today’s football, ronaldo is one of the most top player s, the world footballer of the year, best players, such as top scorer award have been soft, ronaldo’s talent, no doubt, he has a strong physique, techniq ue is very comprehensive, leaves his free-kick can make any a goalkeeper.In June 2009, ronaldo was worth 96 million euro transfer to real Ma drid football club, and step by step, where he became the king on the pitch.Although ronaldo belongs to a talented player but his football career attitude, is anyone would doubt.Read More →

Wang Xin’s new identity is the founder of Yunge Company. Along with him comes a product with a very earthy name, toilet. This is an anonymous social app, or rather an app that asks for information between anonymous acquaintances. Anonymous social networking is not a new concept. Five years ago, Secret in the United States and Secret in China had already burned a fire, and both of them had already become extinct. Secret closed in April 2015. Secret also stopped in the process of renaming and offline. Wang Xin tried to avoid the mistakes of his predecessors by using “reverse operation”. Although the success orRead More →

December 26 (Reporter Zhang Yimeng) On the morning of December 26, 2018, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, held the unveiling ceremony of the Emergency Management Bureau. “We hold the unveiling ceremony of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau here, which marks the formal establishment of the newly established Municipal Emergency Management Bureau.” At the unveiling ceremony, Li Xuerong, Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, pointed out that the establishment of the Shijiazhuang Emergency Management Bureau was an important decision made by the Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee to proceed from the overall situation of the city’s reform and meet the needs of economic and social development.Read More →

In just two days, the relationship between stars and fans suddenly became tense. Sheena’s official fan group, Zhang Ziyila’s black fans, and even Luo Zhixiang, who has always been a favorite fan, turned off the comments. Wha t happened? Did the stars and fans become so strange? Or was the problem of fans the source of all this? Just the day before yesterday, Sheena’s official fan group was told not to talk about Zhang Jie i n the program. Sheena’s response in the phone was “Is that super-verbal”, “super-verbal goodbye”, “super-verbal hello”. This led to the official group’s de-flouring, and the absolute overflow across theRead More →

Recent years, the entertainment industry has not been peaceful, all kinds of gossip and tear-up take turns to fight, let you eat melon crowds c all it too wonderful. All along, it has been the tearing between stars and stars, and there are few tearing between stars and their fans. But lack does not mean No. Recently Zhang Ziyi quarreled with her fans. She also blackened her 10-year-old fans. It was so proud that she had to admire our sister Ziyi who shocked everyone at the outset. The reason for this is that Zhang Ziyi recently participated in the second season of a variety showRead More →

Recently, James Harden, a God-given man, scored high marks again today. But out of the three-point line, he hit only one goal in 17 shots. Not only that, the team lost to Orlando Magic 109-116 away from home. In the past 12 games, Harden has scored at least five three-point goals in each game. This battle against magic, beard naturally hopes that he can continue this feeling. Unfortunately, his three-point shooting rate is not only below the season average, but also inadvertently breaks the NBA record. Previously, the highest number of shots in a single game with only one point and three points was 14,Read More →

Australia’s team was unfavourable and lost 0-1 to Jordan. In this game, both sides were dissatisfied with the referee’s decision. Both t eams had a handball missed by the referee in the restricted area. VAR was only introduced in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup, but it is invisible, which makes the previous games full of controversy. In the 2018 season, the Chinese Super League adopted VAR, and the effect was immediate, wh ich made the misjudgement impossible to follow. By contrast, the fairness of the Asian Cup is much worse. Handball missed in the two restricted areas! No VAR Australian Treaty War Penalty PointsRead More →

January 14 Tehran News: According to Iranian media reports, the chairman of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization said on 13 local time that Iran was ready to produce new nuclear fuel. On the same day, the Iranian Foreign Mi nistry denied rumours that the country would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement. According to Iranian Fars News Agency, Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Chairman Salihi said in an interview with Iranian state televis ion on 13 that Iran has begun to prepare for the production of 20% abundance of new nuclear fuel. F or the new fuel, Salehi did not reveal the name, but said thatRead More →